EmeraldBox is a boilerplate framework for developing python web applications with database access. The underlying web framework is Flask, a python microframework based on werkzeug, jinja2 and good intentions. Flask gives a complete basic package. EmeraldBox gives structure and helper tools to speed up development and app deployment on servers. Several basic packages commonly used in developing web applications are included.

Since EmeraldBox is derived from Flask, it uses a lot of Flask patterns and also implements a structure to Flask applications based on Flask's best practice for large applications.

Getting EmeraldBox

To get EmeraldBox, simply click here to get EmeraldBox 2.0 or go to our Github Repo if you like living on the edge.

A bit of a back story...

Developing web apps should be done in the easiest and most efficient ways. Python offers that. However, most of the available frameworks required a deep learning curve for new users and most users have problems deploying the web app.

After using several python web frameworks as well as using other languages' frameworks like Rails, CodeIgniter and Zend, the author came to a conclusion that python is the easiest and most efficient language.

However, it will require tools that may speed up development. It that sense, Rails has a very good approach and will be implemented for the helper tools. Integration with 3rd party packages should also comes easily without having the need to interfere with the main OS, hence comes virtualenv.

Thus, comes EmeraldBox, an easy-to-use, light-weight, and easy-to-deploy framework. The framework was initially developed to gain speed during hackathon since the author is a hackathon junkie. This framework is the ultimate tool that you can use to develop things fast and ready to use.

Tech Stack

EmeraldBox comes in a localized environment and includes standard packages that are commonly used in web development. The tool includes framework management tools and is designed to give ease for developers in managing database and migrations. EmeraldBox is build with REST in mind.

We are standing in the shoulder of giants, leveraging the following technologies and knitting them to work hand-in-hand:

EmeraldBox an open source python web framework by Fauzan Emmerling.

You can follow his twitter @femmerling