EmeraldBox is an open source python web framework developed by Fauzan Emmerling. The framework was inspired by the need of development speed during hackathons, so you can focus on the real things that matters. You can follow his twitter @femmerling

The framework is distributed under MIT license

Getting help

Visit #EmeraldBox on freenode or leave an issue in the GitHub issue page


If you found any issues please put them in the issue section.

To contribute, simply fork the repo, create a branch and place a pull request.


EmeraldBox is tested on unix/linux systems and on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

This framework adds the diversity in python, a language which have more web frameworks than keywords. Thank you for trying it out and all suggestions are welcome.

Also, special thanks to @pebaryan for extra inputs during the Sanitation Hackathon, which I use to test the framework. Thanks also to @iromli for the discussion and inputs in implementing the blueprint pattern.